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Pause just needs a little bit of courage to do it.

Etho looked around. He had a big plan today, but Etho was at Pause's house giving him advice he should've followed months ago. Pause was pacing. Really fast. Etho sighed. " Pause, just tell Beef. He obviously likes you back-"

"You don't know that." He snaps. Realizing what he did, his shoulders relaxed. "I'm sorry I'm being such a jerk lately, it's just I really wanna tell Beef. But whenever I get even close to him, I can't do it. I start shaking and I can't even talk properly."

Etho's eyes softened. " I know Pause. But it's not gonna help to just hold it in. You're gonna have to tell him sooner or later, and it might as well be today. I heard he was working on his Lily Pad today, and I can come with you."
"I don't know man. If he's working I don't think I wanna disturb him. I think I'm just gonna go." Pause exited through the door, leaving Etho alone at his house. Etho frowned. He was getting worried for those two. The ninja's been thinking about his friend's problem and tried to come up with a realistic solution to his problem. So far, he's got nothing.

Pause kicked a rock. He was at Beef's Lily pad. He loved being there, seeing what going on in Beef's mind when he's building this masterpiece. From afar, he could see Beef building more of it, adding more and more details to his house. Pause shook his head, smiling. Beef really couldn't stop with the details. It crossed Pause's mind many times that he didn't have the right to do this. "It's not like I'm his boyfriend or anything," Pause thought sourly. Once a week, Pause did this. And every week, it was getting harder and harder for him. Pause turned around, and walked away.

Kurt was walking to Beef's place, after asking if he could take some coal. Since Kurt didn't like doing grindy stuff, he's always been short on all the basic resources. He noticed Pause walking the opposite direction of him. "Hi Pause..." He started, but Pause didn't seem to hear him. "Um...Hi Pause?" Pause snapped back to reality. "Oh hey Kurt. Where you headed off to?" He smiled at Kurt, but it was obvious his heart wasn't into it. Typically, Kurt didn't like people. He didn't like talking to them, or simply being around them. But what Pause was going through, it was obvious this guy needed to sit down and talk to someone.

"Beef's place," Kurt said, frowning.

Pause looked at Kurt with unease. Kurt was always a good guy, but was never the type to show the interior side of him. So when Kurt, the Kurt who is so introverted that he couldn't even make a house in fear of disturbing someone, asked him a simple, "What's wrong?" It tends to surprise some people.

"Nothing." Kurt narrowed his eyes at him. He may not talk to Pause a lot, but he knew when the guy was happy, and when he wasn't. And Pause knew that. After a minute, Pause sighed. "Kurt, can you keep a secret?" Kurt smiled crookedly, "I don't really have much people to tell in the first place." Pause laughed, and stopped, realizing he's going to tell someone his secret no one else knew but Etho.

"Kurt, have you ever loved someone?" Kurt hesitated. It was never really a question that came up that often. "...Yes."
Pause nodded. "I'm in love with someone. So much. I would rather let someone rip my own heart out and stomp on it in front of me, than let someone hurt him. Because I know it'll feel the same either way."

Kurt paused. He wasn't used to be the person that people came to when it comes to... This stuff. But he might as well give it a shot, even if it was in the dark.

"I'm the first to say I'm no expert on this. Never was, never will be. But if there's one thing I know, was to tell him. It's not gonna help to be stuck in this faze. It's either you tell him, and get a yes or a no, or you don't tell him, which is much worst than just a straight answer."

Pause nodded. In the back of his mind, he knew he should just tell Beef. Etho told him countless time to. And hearing it from Kurt makes it sounds so much more real.

Pause took a deep breath.

"Thanks Kurt. I can't even tell you how much that helped."
Kurt grinned. "No problem. But you still didn't tell me who it was."
Pause looked off in the distance, where he could see the Lily Pad.
He smirked.

"Still headed to Beef's place?"
Kurt laughed. "Wouldn't change it for the world."

As he and Pause walked to the Lily Pad, Kurt started to notice something weird going on with Pause. He was having to put more effort in walking, his breathing became more and more rash. You can really see why he's been putting this off for so long. Trying to start a conversation, Kurt asked, "So, does anyone else know about... The details of your personal life?" Pause shrugged. "Just Etho." Kurt nodded, not wanting anymore awkward conversation to pass between them.

As he and Pause was in front of the entrance, Kurt grabbed his shoulder.
"Good luck," Kurt said giving a thumbs up. "I think I'll just come back later."

As Pause started to protest, stating that it was Kurt's idea for him being here in the first place. Kurt shook his head. "This is something you have to do on your own."

Pause hesitated. "...Ok. Thanks Kurt." He gave Kurt a pat on the shoulder and a half-hearted grin as he walked to Beef's house.

From afar, he could see Pause knock at Beef's door. Through the window, he saw Beef walk casually to the door, and swing it open. He saw Beef say something, but Pause seemed to cut him off. After a few seconds, Beef let him in. From the inside, he could see the two sit down. You can see Pause's shoulders go up and down heavily. As he started to talk, you can see Beef's expressions go from confused, to surprise, then finally JOYOUS. Kurt started fidgeting uncomfortably, as he felt more and more like he was invading someone's thoughts. So with a pleased smile, he walked away..



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